This summer the weather has been stranger than normal. Although I have’nt checked any records it sure seems as though we’ve had more than our fair share of rain. I also find it a bit strange how the weather has changed so much and so often in a matter of hours.

This climate cycle can be extremely hard on a home exterior. In my experience to many homeowners wait until an event takes place to pay any attention to their home’s exterior envelope. Here’s a few tips that may help you avoid a costly repair, especially during these strange weather days.


  • Check the exterior wood trim around windows and doors. With the wet weather, then hot drying sun that we’ve been experiencing, the chance for paint failure and rotted wood is increased substantially. Especially window sills and door thresholds.
  • If you have a wood door on your homes exterior check for deteriating finish. A good coat of UV resistant polyurethane  can save a ton of work later.
  • Check wood siding for peeling paint or rotted areas. caulk as needed.
  • CLEAN THE GUTTERS!! easy to do and can save a ton of repairs to siding, windows, foundations and landscaping. Make sure there are adaquate downspout extensions to keep all the rain water out of the basement.
  • Check exterior stair componants. Many times neglected stairways will just collapse without warning.
  • Do a simple walk around inspection of windows, doors, siding, roofing and light fixtures. Repairs are much easier to do on the sunny days of summer.
  • Lastly if you have questions or concerns about any exterior areas of your home call a qualified contractor for an evaluation.